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People are ALWAYS telling us how Amazing Clem is and I'm positive the same will happen with Ruby.Honestly though, thank you for making such amazing pups!I never dreamed I'd love them as much as I do. They're such a huge part of our family and 100% of the credit goes to you and your family. I'd never raised a puppy before so I didn't know what to expect so I just thought Clem was normal. I read horror stories of others with AD's in groups that I'm in and realized quickly our situation is NOT normal. IF you ever have anyone on the fence send them my way and I'll be Happy to reassure them that any pup from you would be amazing!! I mean the studs are an importnat part but it's clear Reese is pretty incredible!

                                                                                        ~Carly Starky, Clearfield


I personally was looking for a PUPPY!

I was blessed to stumble on a fb post about the last puppy available in Reese's #2 litter. Not knowing anything about the Aussiedoodle breed. I did my research quickly. Knowing this is what I was looking for.We got our puppy at 13 weeks old. Within a few days after getting her she was quick to learn many things her name,sit,down come ect. Fully housebroken within 2 weeks.

Finding out the Aussiedoodle breed was a very smart breed. Placing her in a dog training program at 6 months old. By 8 months she had her Canine Good Citizen title under the American Kennel Club. We were working towards getting our Therapy Dog Certification til Covid hit. We continue to keep contact with Dog Classes as we can at this time. She goes to many places almost on a daily basis. From my work place to any public place she is allowed at this time. Her calm demeanor and behavior is always commented on by many strangers.

Born 6/5/2019 she now weights 55 pounds stands at 25 inches /length 42 nose to tailTail is a shorter tail 1/3 natural born not docked.Coloring was chocolate. Turned a lighter platinum tan. At a year coat and color changed. Turned into more of a poodle coat.No diet or medical issues to date. Working with the Drew's have been wonderful. Always available for any questions and guidance with our puppy.We have become a true DREW PUPPY FAMILY.I highly recommended a Drew Puppy to be part of your life. Only if you are willing to reward with lots of LOVE in return!

Jessie B Ann Jaynes (aka Cocoa at birth)

                                                                                                                                ~Marcy Jayne, Greenville 



I got my Aussie doodle puppy from Drew Puppies 8 months ago. I have nothing but good things to say about the breeder, her puppies and the whole process. I couldn’t be happier with my dog Sadie. She’s obviously a product of good breeding and a healthy background. She’s intelligent and has a great temperament. I would recommend Drew Puppies to anyone seeking a healthy,beautiful and loving family pet.

                                                                                                                            ~ Kathy Martynuska, Grove City


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